Wildwood Tree Services employs fully insured and certified Arborist’s so you can be assured our team will safely and efficiently. Our full service offers a full cleanup of all wood and debris off site ensuring the Happiness Guarantee.

Unfortunately, there are occasions where a tree requires removal. Our Arborists can determine if your tree requires removal or can be saved.

From a small shrub to the largest crane removals Wildwood is equipped to complete the job safely and efficiently.

If you choose to have stump removal, you will even be able to replant a new tree in the same location. Ask our arborist about choosing a suitable replacement tree.

Reasons to remove a tree include:

  • The tree is dead, dying or hazardous.
  • The tree is imposing on other trees, preventing their sustainability.
  • The tree has outgrown its location, and will be replaced by a more suitable species.
  • The tree is planted within the footprint of new construction or landscaping (pool, patio, cabana, swale, etc).

Wildwood Tree Services is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment to remove the tree safely and efficiently.

In 2021, Wildwood Tree Services purchased a Grapple Saw Crane Truck. The arm on the crane can reach over 100 feet and also cuts the tree and safely lowers the wood/branches to the ground.

Please visit our Instagram @wildwoodtreeservices for photos and videos of our machinery and equipment. Wildwood Tree Services has the best team and equipment in the industry.

tree shrub removal

stump removal