You need a Consulting Arborist whenever you are making modifications to your property. Most municipalities require that you hire an arborist when applying for site alterations including; new build or addition construction, major landscaping, pool installation, or provincial and/or municipal infrastructure development.

Our Consulting Arborists provide:

  • Arborist Reports by an ISA Certified Arborist
  • Tree Evaluations
  • Hazardous Tree Assessments (HTA)
  • Healthy Tree Assessments
  • Hydro-vac or Air Spading & Root Pruning Services (Means of excavation with water to safely remove soil around root systems.)
  • On site Arborist observation
  • Assistance in New Tree Selection
  • Butternut Health Assessments

arborist report



The tree protection zone is determined based on the size of the trunk at breast height (DBH). For Example, if the DBH is 45cm, the tree protection zone in Oakville and Burlington is 3 meters. Each city determines the tree protection zone. This means any excavation within this 3 meter buffer (which measures 3 meters in every direction from the trunk of the tree) needs further Arborist recommendations. In some instances, it is not recommended to encroach within this tree protection zone. This will be at the recommendation of the consulting Arborist and/or city forestry’s representative.

Air spading uses high pressure air with a handheld spade (like an air gun) to expose roots systems without harm. It uses high pressure air to expose the root system, so the roots can be pruned before any excavation occurs. This helps minimize damage to the tree roots because they are properly pruned, limiting the number of roots that are exposed during excavation and preventing further damage that can lead back to the trunk of the tree. It is extremely important to consider the roots of a tree underneath the ground as this is what keeps the tree stable and healthy. It is a common myth that tree roots grow deep although its uncommon for trees to have roots deeper than about 2m (most roots are found close to the soil surface, with 90% or more of all roots located within 60cm of the ground surface). Tree roots can extend to 5m or more from the trunk of the tree. In general, the rule of thumb is that is a tree should not sustain more than 25% root loss during construction.

When the roots are exposed (using an excavator or trenchless methods (ie. Air spading or hydro vac service), it is recommended that an ISA Certified Arborist properly prunes any exposed or damaged roots to minimize the damage to the tree and help promote good health for the tree into the future. Without root pruning, the excavator can cause greater harm to the tree roots during the excavation often damaging roots all the way back to the main trunk of the tree. This can cause the tree to become unstable or decline.

Typically, the turnaround time for an Arborist report is 1 week, as long as we have the proper documentation and approvals in place. A final site and grading plan is required to get started. It is important that the service lines, grades, and any proposed work (driveway relocation, pool, patio, walkways etc.) are indicated.

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Many city and municipalities require the trees to be protected using solid or framed hoarding which must be installed and remain in place throughout the entire construction project.
Please see the following diagram as an example, which shows solid versus framed hoarding/ tree protection fencing.
tree protection barrier

When is it not possible to fully protect the tree protection zone with hoarding (machine access within the TPZ), the city and Arborist Consultant may allow you to install horizontal hoarding. This means, the ground within the tree protection zone (TPZ) is covered with root protection to ensure the roots are not damaged or the soil does not get compacted within this area. This can cause harm to the roots of the trees.
Sample materials that can be recommended for horizontal hoarding/ root protection:
  • Steel plating
  • Woodchips
  • Plywood

We are servicing these areas but are not limited to.
  • Burlington Arborist Report
  • Mississauga Arborist Report
  • Oakville Arborist Report
  • Toronto Arborist Report
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